Origin Trials Guide for Web Developers

Origin trials allow developers to try out new features and give feedback on usability, practicality, and effectiveness to the web standards community. Your feedback is valuable input into the final decision about the feature design, or even whether we want to proceed with standardizing and enabling the feature by default. When a feature is available as an origin trial, you are able to register to have it enabled for all users on your origin for a fixed period of time. Note that when the trial finishes we will contact you with a request to provide this feedback.

Once your origin has opted into a trial of an experimental feature you can then build demos and prototypes that your friends and beta testing users can try for the duration of the trial without them needing to flip special flags in Chrome.

How do I enable an experimental feature on my origin?

You can opt any page on your origin into the trial of an experimental feature by requesting a token for your origin. After signing up for a trial, we will generate a token for your origin.

There are two ways to provide this token on any pages in your origin:

<meta http-equiv="origin-trial" content="**insert your token as provided in the developer console**">
Origin-Trial: **token as provided in the developer console**


If you have trouble configuring pages with your token, or need other help, please contact us at origin-trials-support@google.com.

How can I experiment with the new feature locally?

Each feature that is available as an origin trial can alternatively be enabled on individual machines by flipping the corresponding flag in about:flags. The correct flag depends on the feature, and should be mentioned in the blog post about that specific feature.

You can get started experimenting with the new feature on localhost either by flipping the flag locally or requesting an origin trials token for localhost.

What is the thinking behind origin trials?

An exploration of the motivations and reasoning behind origin trials is provided in the explainer. The TL;DR is that we strongly value the feedback of real web developers (that means you!) during the process of designing and standardizing new features. We believe origin trials provide a good way of encouraging that feedback, while being extremely careful that the experiments aren’t used by sites in production-critical roles or as if they’re finalized features.

What experimental features are currently available?

The developer console lists all of the currently available features.


1. How can I find out about new experiments when they become available?