Picture-in-Picture Sample

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The Picture-in-Picture API allows websites to create a floating video window that is always on top of other windows so that users may continue consuming media while they interact with other sites or applications on their device.

Credits: Media files are © copyright Blender Foundation | www.blender.org.

Live Output

JavaScript Snippet

let pipWindow;

togglePipButton.addEventListener('click', async function(event) {
  log('Toggling Picture-in-Picture...');
  togglePipButton.disabled = true;
  try {

    if (video !== document.pictureInPictureElement)
      await video.requestPictureInPicture();
      await document.exitPictureInPicture();

  } catch(error) {
    log(`> Argh! ${error}`);
  } finally {
    togglePipButton.disabled = false;

// Note that this can happen if user clicked the "Toggle Picture-in-Picture"
// button but also if user clicked some browser context menu or if
// Picture-in-Picture was triggered automatically for instance.
video.addEventListener('enterpictureinpicture', function(event) {
  log('> Video entered Picture-in-Picture');

  pipWindow = event.pictureInPictureWindow;
  log(`> Window size is ${pipWindow.width}x${pipWindow.height}`);

  pipWindow.addEventListener('resize', onPipWindowResize);

video.addEventListener('leavepictureinpicture', function(event) {
  log('> Video left Picture-in-Picture');

  pipWindow.removeEventListener('resize', onPipWindowResize);

function onPipWindowResize(event) {
  log(`> Window size changed to ${pipWindow.width}x${pipWindow.height}`);

/* Feature support */

if ('pictureInPictureEnabled' in document) {
  // Set button ability depending on whether Picture-in-Picture can be used.
  video.addEventListener('loadedmetadata', setPipButton);
  video.addEventListener('emptied', setPipButton);
} else {
  // Hide button if Picture-in-Picture is not supported.
  togglePipButton.hidden = true;

function setPipButton() {
  togglePipButton.disabled = (video.readyState === 0) ||
                             !document.pictureInPictureEnabled ||