Event.isTrusted Sample

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The isTrusted read-only property of the Event interface is a Boolean that is true when the event was generated by a user action such as mouse click, and false when the event was scripted or invoked via dispatchEvent.

This new property is intended primarily for use by browser extensions, to determine if an event was dispatched by a script running in the main world or not.

Live Output

JavaScript Snippet

var greenButton = document.querySelector('#greenButton');
var redButton = document.querySelector('#redButton');

greenButton.addEventListener('click', function(event) {
  if (event.isTrusted) {
    ChromeSamples.log('User clicked the green button. It is a trusted event.');
  } else {
    ChromeSamples.log('User did NOT click the green button.');

redButton.addEventListener('click', function() {